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  1. 1 - the buff on crit amplification does not work on the bow
    2 - Pink totems for the talent tree were bugged due to a server restart, which sometimes made it possible to take totems that you had already taken
    3 - Loot auto was repaired for a long time, they shouted at you from day 1, but they fixed it only for 4 day. For a game like this, it's deadly.
    4 - Specify All possible stats up to the chance of increasing the loot in the character information.
    5 - Regarding the display of characters, Make it as in normal games so that the player's Nickname is displayed, and not his miserable title, the title can be made Above the nickname, so that you can see who kills you without selecting the character with the mouse.
    6 - People use guards to kill rare bosses. some on purpose, of course, and some not.
    7 - Of course, 30 minutes for the boss despawn is not enough, but if it is possible to increase it, then increase it. Because they beat one boss for about 20 minutes after which he simply disappeared and appeared in another place.
    8 - I can’t say anything for other classes, it’s necessary that they write separately for the staff, for life for darkness, but something is wrong with the recruiting monsters, they either don’t beat or even afk.
    9 - Make marks on the map of the group members.
  2. [14:53]
    10 - You either reflect all the bosses or Ancients, or don’t display any of them, why the Ancients from the 3rd act shows that he happens in the oasis, but from the 4th or 5th act there is no information at all.
    11 - In the arena, when most likely it was enough to press the tab and the target selection should have worked for me, for some reason it did not work until I aimed the mouse at the person myself, I could not select him as a target.
    12 - thoughts are still spinning in my head make a display Names of characters.
    13 - Do not try to artificially freeze people in acts, using Act 1 as an example. If 1 act is still okay in others it will be essential.
    14 - And yes, most likely not all boss respawn timers worked, because I didn’t see at least something similar to your favorite bell in act 4-5. We had to search manually.
    15 - Too powerful problem with madness/ I killed only 4-5 people, after which I have 1000 and the guards are already beating me, sorry? At the start of the game, this will simply destroy any pvp for anything, because everyone knows that you are frozen from level 18 to 19 in 1 act. and no one will lose experience. Yes, and your madness very much spoils all open pvp in the game. Perhaps there is some kind of mechanics of territories where madness will not be accumulated, but there were no moments to check this.
    16 - Very strong problems with the imposition of the Russian language, because the game just breaks.
    17 - By the way, yes, it is worth noting that for the whole game I did not need orange resources. They may be needed in the late game, but still try to allow the possibility of changing the requirement of the necessary resource to increase the point, and let's increase the chance of a point
    bow. 2hand sword/axe EMPEROR 71 lvl. Thank you for being able to play If I remember I will edit UPD 02.06.2022
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