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[Game guide] Phantom sphere crystallization

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In Mad World, you may crystallize phantom spheres to obtain special costumes and pets that come in much more variety.  

You may find phantom sphere crystallization at the location specified in the image. 

You need phantom spheres to engage with phantom sphere crystallization.

Phantom spheres can be used after purchasing them with MCASH at MCASH Shop, via phantom sphere package or high-grade egg package. You may also obtain them through World Tree’s Blessing buff.

◆ Purchasing phantom spheres

Phantom spheres can be purchased with gold or crystals, by obtaining MCASH (available at MCASH Shop) or daily prize.

Phantom spheres purchased at MCASH Shop will be provided to your mailbox, and they will be automatically moved to the phantom sphere window once they are received at mailbox.

※ Phantom spheres cannot be slotted into your inventory.

 Crystallizing phantom spheres

For each crystallization of phantom sphere purchasable at shop, you may obtain a single costume and an high-grade phantom sphere.

Once you collect 10 phantom spheres, you may crystallize a single high-grade phantom phantom sphere, the phantom sphere with higher grade.

During high-grade phantom phantom sphere crystallization, unlike with phantom sphere crystallization, you will not obtain “high-grade items.”

Due to the differences innate with the items provided, the rate of obtaining costumes will work differently. 

You may check the costumes obtainable from each sphere crystallization and the chances of success by clicking [Rate].


 Costumes you may obtain

You may obtain various costumes, from uncommon to unique, through phantom sphere crystallization.

Costumes are classified into two kinds: a set that provides costumes from head to feet and a singular costume that covers only the head.

Costume Set You May Obtain

※ The 'head' parts of the reverse-blooming flowers set and shrieking grasp set are unavailable. 

※ The legendary costumes obtained from closed-beta test come with special visual effects, unlike the costumes currently announced. 


※ Special visual effects 

Singular Costume You May Obtain

Life mothSwirling lightEther crystal

Fully blossomed petalLife seed

sea guardianNature magicianErupting magma

Nature priestBlooming life

 Merging costumes


You may purchase a kit that merges costumes (purchasable with crystals) to obtain costumes of higher grade.

In case you obtain unique costume through the kit, you may obtain legendary costume.

Legendary Costume


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