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[GM NOTE] [Notice] A story about pets

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Greetings, this is Mad World.

Although it is not exactly known, mankind has been living with dogs from even before the Old Stone Age.

They hunted together, and as a family, as a friend, they had become mankind’s “pets”.

Mad World is a maddened world where people can’t trust one another, where people get exiled or abandoned the moment that they are deemed useless. Being exiled or abandoned is a fortunate outcome. As this is a place where murder and betrayal felt normal…

In this barren world, if there was a pet that only followed and trusted in its owner, I believe that could be another hope in life to live for. 

Because, in the end, mankind can’t live alone…

Alright, that was quite an introduction.

In Mad World, a place full of insanity, there is a “pet” system that will let you be with another.

Then, shall we have a look at what this “pet” system is like?

1. What are pets in Mad World?

- Pets in Mad World not only have the role of being an adorable companion, but they also are modes of transport and reliant comrades that will help fight in battles. 


2. Where can I find pets?

- You can draw them using gold, or you can obtain them through purchasing the “High-rank Life Egg” at the BM store. 

3. How can I raise my pet if I get one?

- Depending on their ranks, they were become a fully grown once they pass their infant stage. You can achieve this through completing quests. 


- If the pet is obtained through the BM draws, they can mature into an adult without going through the infant period. 


- In addition, all pets can be used as modes of transport, and based on their rarity, they will have different appearances.

- You can feed and play with your pets, and you may utilize them in battle. 

4. What are the pet skills composed of? 


There are a total of 6 skills. The damage focused “Berserk Cry”, “Brave Cry”, the buff focused “Warm cry”, “Powerful Cry”, and the enemy-status change focused “High-frequency Cry,” and “Low-frequency Cry”.

Two types of the six skills will be owned based on damage, buff, and enemy status.

If you are not satisfied with the skills, you can change them using gold.

However, you will not be able to have the two damage skills, such as Berserk Cry and Brave Cry. 

Unfortunately, the pet battle will not be included in the official game lunch, but will be later inputted through future updates. 

5. How do I take care of my pet?


- You can raise them through the pet quests.

- Through bonding, you can play, pet, and feed your pet. 

6. The pet “Growth Log” has been added.

- You can now refer back to anything that happened while raising your pet on the “Growth Log,” and receive small rewards. 

All of the above information was collected based on the data from the test-server.

Please understand that information may change when the official game is launched.

Thank you.

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