[GM NOTE] Mad World FAQ - Part.1

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Hello, countless Shadow Children waiting for news! 

This is Mad World.

Although we didn't bring you news on the official launch,

we have prepared FAQ regarding the strong curiosity you would have had on Mad World.

We hope you'll have your various questions answered!


Q. On what platform is Mad World available?

- Mad World was based on HTML5, and you may enjoy it on various web browsers on PC.

We also provide exclusive browser for Mad World to make your gaming environment more convenient.

Currently Mad World can be played only on Window-based web browsers. We will make it available on Mac as well, but it is not supported by Linux or Android yet.

We hope to make it available on mobile and Steam platform in the future.

Q. What's the least system requirement for Mad World?

- You may play the game as long as you have access to a web browser on your PC!

And the following is the system requirement for the Mad World-exclusive browser we provide.

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or above

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor or higher version that provides SSE3

Graphic: 2 - 4GB VRAM (GTX 1060 or higher recommended)

Memory: 2 - 4GB

Storage: 500 MB

Q. When will the game be available?

- Our goal is to release the game in the first half of 2023.

We're doing our best to bring you the game as soon as possible, so we'd like to ask for your patience just a bit more.

We'll be looking forward to the day we can meet you.

Q. What are the languages and servers provided?

- Mad World will primarily be provided in Korean, English, and Russian, with more languages to be added in the future.

Also, upon official launch the game will be serviced in 'Korean, North American, and European servers,' to be divided into more servers if needed.

Q. Where can I sign up for the game?

- You may sign up directly on the official homepage for Mad World.

Or you may sign up using your social account (Google, Facebook, Naver, KakaoTalk, etc.).

Currently we're running pre-registration events, so if you have not already, sign up and take part in our events. :D

[Founders Pack]

Q. What is the Founders Pack?

- Founders Pack is a package item that includes 'pre-launch voucher' that will allow you to enjoy the game prior to the official launch! Currently it is provided in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum level. And depending on the level, you will receive limited ingame title and mask!

You will also find in Founders Pack various items and buffs that will raise your chances of survival in Mad World. :D

Q. Is Founders Pack available for multiple purchase?

- Founders Pack of each level can be purchased only once per account, regardless of the server.

So you may purchase all four levels of Founders Pack only once for a single account, but you may not purchase a Gold package twice.

[Example] You may purchase a Silver package on Korean server and a Gold package on NA server. But you may not purchase a Silver package on both Korean and NA server.

Q. If I purchased the previous version of Founders Pack, will I receive rewards included in the new Founders Pack?

- The previously released Founders Pack and the Founders Pack currently available are different items.

If you had previously purchased Founders Pack, you'll be provided with the items included in the previous version.

We always appreciate your strong interest and patience for Mad World.
Thank you. :D
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