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Mad World FAQ - Part.2

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Hello, countless Shadow Children waiting for news!

This is Mad World.

Although we didn't bring you news on the official launch,

we have prepared FAQ regarding the strong curiosity you would have had on Mad World.

We hope you'll have your various questions answered!

[About Mad World]

Q. What kind of game is Mad World?

- Mad World aims to portray "Dark Fantasy" and "post-dystopian" genre,

centering on the fallen human civilization that lost its brilliant culture and progressed backward for several thousand years, following the demon invasion.

And from the middle of human despair stemmed from demonic sovereignty and suppression over every single detail, we bring you a tiny, slim tale of hope.


 - Sunless is the world of post-dystopia. You must never cease fighting and struggling for your survival. Never stop fighting for your survival in the cruel reality you'll face. That is what you're destined for in Mad World.


 - It is essential to fight for your own life in Mad World, where there are no rules or limits when it comes to fighting for survival. The nurturing process of your character that encompasses skills, stats, and potentials will show you more than a single way to grow in Mad World. There is no "right answer" in nurturing your character.

You may use two completely different weapons to swap and make your way through battles.

And the system of weapon swapping will give you a new experience in battles.


 - There are powerful demons lurking and steeling their powers in their personal realms. And we must fight against the powerful demons. If you need companions, try fighting with other survivors.

If one is not enough, try as a duo. And if a duo is not enough, try as a trio. When we are together, we'll defeat all demons, no matter how fearsome they are.


 - The demons took away the most precious things in this world. The brilliant civilization, history, houses essential for survival, fertile land… Everything.

Which is why we must begin again from the very bottom. Everything you see will serve as priceless ingredients for you to craft various food and items.

You will get to face diverse despair and fear in Mad World. And you may add even more darkness to the world already dark enough. Or you may bring light that will fend off the darkness.

Everything lies in your hands, and the path you choose will be the answer.

Q. What kind of genre is "post-dystopia?"

- It's a special genre that will present post-apocalypse and dystopia at the same time.

And this is the genre you can meet only in Mad World!

Q. What kind of weapons can I expect to find in the game?

- Mad World provides a variety of weapons.

You may find melee weapons such as sword, axe, and blunt weapon. And you may find long-ranged weapon including bow and crossbow, as well as magical weapon such as staff and wand.

Each weapon classification comes in two types - one-handed and two-handed.

In case you choose one-handed weapons, you may equip yourself with additional weapons including but not limited to shield.

Q. How many characters are we allowed to make on a single account?

- For each login ID, you may make maximum 4 characters.

Q. What does it mean to swap weapons?

- There is no class in Mad World! You simply get to use the weapon of your choice. :D

And you may equip yourself with 2 weapons at once, to swap them accordingly during battles.

While you're using powerful magic, you may swap to a melee weapon to swiftly approach and strike monsters! Through this system, we expect to bring you more entertaining and never-before-seen battle experience!

And such system will allow you to come up with unique strategies in both PvE and PvP!

Q. How can we make use of the PvP system within the game?

- PvP is part of the system provided in Mad World, and we are working hard to make PvP system even better as we speak. :D

However, we do not take kindly the idea of allowing brutal PvP in areas populated with users not yet experienced in the game, so we'll devise a solution to this before we launch the game.

Also, we're preparing special contents and rewards for PvP, so we hope you'd stay tuned!

Q. Are there any other contents we can enjoy with other users?

- In Mad World, you may take part in the raid in the form of a party or run through dungeons with other users. And you may create a guild (tribe) if you find users you get along with and enjoy the game under an affiliation!


[Mad World Story]

Q. What are some of the vocabulary I can expect in Mad World?

- Chaos: it's the origin of everything. It does not come with a form but contains abundant shapeless energy of the universe. The story of Mad World begins at a place that exists and doesn't exist at the same time.

- Source of Life: it gained conscious in the Chaotic Universe where multiple energies were complexly mixed, managing to evolve into a "cognitive creature." It escaped from the Chaotic Universe where forms do not exist to create a new world. This planet is simply the body the Source of Life needs to survive.

- Gruzaam: this is the name of the planet created by the Source of Life, and it's where the story of Mad World unfolds.

- World Tree: it's the structure that serves as the nerve network of Source of Life. All the energy (including but not limited to sunlight and nutrients from soil) absorbed by the World Tree will shift into ether for the Source of Life, thereby sustaining it.

- Ether: it's the energy dispensed when the Source of Life left the Chaotic Universe. It's the source of all magic and the source of energy for all living creatures. And it's possible to build brilliant civilization by making use of ether.

- Abyss: it's no ordinary task to escape from Chaos. This is where the chaotic force leaked during the escapade of Source of Life ended up.

This place is full of chaotic force, making ordeal an understatement in describing survival.

However, no imagination can fathom the greatness of life, for life found its way even in a place like this, giving rise to demons.

- Abyssal sky: there is not a single restful corner in the vast universe. Everything keeps shifting and turning, and in the middle of such movement serendipity is bound to take place.

Thus the Abyss and the Source of Life will collide, forming the Abyssal sky.

When the Abyssal sky is open, the two worlds will be connected, allowing demons to step beyond the Abyss to find Gruzaam, the land of life.

- Adjudicator: the Source of Life is omnipotent, but it cannot manage everything when the life on Gruzaam never stops multiplying. The adjudicators have a single purpose - helping the Source of Life to keep the world and ether under maintenance.

- therion: it's the most brilliant civilization that used to exist. Though ether allows brilliant civilizations, greed will always lead to dire consequences.

Endless was human greed, and they ultimately reached the point where the adjudicators could no longer simply stand and watch. Now there are only remnants of brilliant civilization left behind.

- Izmael: following the end of Etherion, humans once again built their civilization. Although they thrived in multiple paths, history will only remember the ones who conquered the apex.

But of course, they were nothing but humans in the presence of demons.

- Vandare: the kingdom that newly rose along with Izmael in the past. Now its story remains in the long-forgotten past, for Vandare was defeated by Izmael.

- Orbit of Silence: the ancient underground city built by Etherion in preparation for its fall. However, the ancient people met downfall even before they could make use of this place. After much time, the part of humans under demon invasion discovered this place and managed to survive.

Now this place serves as the only hope for the humanity in the middle of despair.

- Shadow Children: they are very special people who can make use of both ether and Abyssal force. Since the two powers will never reconcile, they threaten the life of the wielder if used together - but Shadow Children are exception! This special group of people venture all over the world in order to accomplish the calling given.

- Abyss disease: Abyssal force is not meant to be wielded whenever pleased just because it can be wielded. Even Shadow Children will be caught with Abyss disease if they overuse the Abyss force. This disease is gruesome and dangerous. It will turn a human into a demon, to eventually meet demise.

- Encampment: this is where you will get to find people for the first time right after beginning your adventure! The Encampment comes with its rules. Though they may not be ethical, they are absolute.

We always appreciate your strong interest and patience for Mad World.
Thank you. :D

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Keep PVP totally optional, please. Many potential players won't invest time or money otherwise.

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fix black screen issue its been 3 days when i start the client there is only black screen

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