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Act 5. Ηidden Land Unmapped

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Act 5. There are a lot of myths and tales about the unmapped region hidden away from human eyes.

And they began from a village by the shore, scarcely populated by humans, covered by huge rocks spiraling towards the sky.

If you step your foot in that forest... You will die!

And if you manage to come back alive... You will eventually end your own life!

This place is supposed to be safe, protected by mysterious barrier that fends off demons.

But who would curse people and drive them to death? How? And why?

You will head to the infamous forest, without hesitation, as if you were given a calling you must follow.

Thick are the aged trees, and thicker is the mist that courses through them. And you will find yourself walking in circles in this cursed forest!

How will you make it out of this forest? And will you make it out of this forest?

Beyond the forest you will find a remarkably mysterious life -

a place overflowing with ether, as if the world surrounding you has existed from the very beginning.

But curiously, you will also sense the demonic force - force of demons!

There are tons of stories and secrets lurking in the unmapped region!

Come find the 'Solar Shadow,' the origin of all callings and the place where you will discover your secrets and the secrets of Shadow Children!


◆ Monsters

In Act 5, monsters ranging from Lv. 46 to Lv. 55 are waiting for you.

[Corrupt Urudia], the field boss of the Evergreen Forest, will provide you with more powerful equipment.

◆ Instance Dungeon

At Watcher's Crossroads, you will find [White Knot Cave] in which you will find monsters leveled between 54 to 59.

Try collecting various rewards from defeating 'Blood drinking Latooth' and 'Gold watcher Perrin,' who will challenge you during chapter 1 of Act 5.


◆ What's New in Chapter 1 of Act 5?

In Act 5, you will get to uncover your secrets one by one - in a way, it is the true beginning of your story.

As unidentified demonic force welcomes you, you will find demons more powerful than ever visiting Mad World.

Instance dungeons in Act 1- 3 will be updated with hard mode,

and the world where abyssal force has grown thicker will be met with Abyssal meteors.

And Act 5 is the stepping stone to the combat contents.

In order to try the combat contents that will soon be released, you must first clear the "Solar Shadow," the main quest of Act 5.

Also, you'd get to find dungeons for raids where you can obtain more gold!

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음 .............................................

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Respond to the support tickets, I've been waiting 11 days and my purchase never arrived and you don't respond to any messages either, a disastrous service from your customer support and also in Discord we did not receive any help, we have complained every day and we have not received any Solution for those who did not receive our founders pack, tremendous scam it seems like this

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New content act 5 still unaccessable to EU players even 8 hours after release. Unacceptable! Add more channels if its so busy!

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81% and 25% loading, 2th day!!!!!

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Не понимаю, зачем было выпускать настолько сырой продукт???? Столько было тестирований и как итог-игра не работает. Больше всего радует, как админы и разработчики игнорят игроков, как будто не замечают происходящего. Поднимите уже акт 5 или игроков перекиньте в другие акты.

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접길 잘했다 후
초반에 달렸던 유저를 위해, 한손활 ㅈㄴ 하향 처 때리더니
퀘스트 밀다가 지쳐서 접었는데
갈수록 가관이네 진심

요즘 어느 게임이 저격하향 패치 때리나요?
상향 평준화를 하거나, 개선을 해주지
이 게임은 그냥 하향으로 게임 할 맛 안나게 죽여버림

5장도 나왔겠다 5장 미만 솔직히 이제 거의 무쓸모 수준에
템드랍이나 보석 드랍율 보면, 이거 게임만 하라고 만든 수준인데
여기서 또 하향? 아예 드랍 안 하게끔 한다고요??
그럼 신규 유저나 중간 유저는 5장 가보@지도 못했는데 하향 때려서
무슨 하드코어 모드 게임 만드려고 하네요?
게임이 살아가려면 하향 패치가 아니라 개선 및 상향 평준화입니다

떠나는 건 능지 순 빠잉

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stuck at 81%, fix it please