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Greetings, dear players. This is Mad World.  

Q. When will Madworld be released?

We haven’t been able to keep our December promise. :’( 
The development is complete and we’re preparing for the testing and services. We’re working hard on the first mass update after the release. The first mass update is on Chapter 5, Part 2 to Chapter 6, and the raid. We’re preparing for other fun Madworld game traits like the Tribe(guild) and more!

Q. How far has the game development progressed since CBT?
The release version is complete. We’re working on the final test and translations. 

Q. What are the improvements that came after the CBT?
The battle and overall balance has improved. 

Q. Will Madworld be released on Steam?
The steam version is also in the works. But it hasn’t been decided if it will be released together or if the release will be pushed a bit. 

Q. Is there pay to win in the game?
There is no pay to win system in Madworld. The cash market design has been hard to do because of it. What would you like? Also, please use our Phantom Orb machine!

Q. Are there potions in the game?
There are foods like mushrooms, meat, and basic food items you can grill to eat. 
You can use these foods to create dishes. Balance and whatnot, will be improved so that it can be useful in the following chapters. And lastly, you will be able to get the highest-ranked potion by using the “Potion craft” method. 

Q. Are there marketing plans in place?
We’re currently working really hard for it. Please spread the word so that tons of users can enjoy Madworld!

Q. Will the High-Level PVP-enabled areas have inventory or item loot drops?
PVP exists in Madworld. Before Chapter 3 (Level 50), there are various safety measures to protect beginner users. Any attempts of PVP on users will accumulate Madness points and that player will be attacked by the village guards. 
(The village guards are incredibly strong, so they won’t be able to win them.) 
Users with high Madness points can drop your items. Of course, with lower Madness points, that won’t be possible. 

Q. I bought the Founder's pack, will the perks be carried onto the Steam version?
Because Steam runs its own policies, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to transfer the Founder’s pack perks over to Steam. However, accounts that signed up through the homepage will be able to get the perks. 

Q. The daily quiz feels like spam. 
We’re very sorry for this. We’ll work harder to come up with better and more entertaining content. Please give us a lot of ideas. 

Q. Are there sieges or guild dungeons?
Sieges or Guild dungeons don’t exist yet. We’re working on many guild economic factors, base constructions, sieges, and different competitive aspect that fits the Madworld universe. 
We will update you with details when we’re almost done completing our preparations. Please look forward to it!

Q. Are there new chapters?
There are 10 chapters with concepts finalized. From Chapter 6, we’re developing maps and content that are five to ten times bigger to give off a vast open-world experience. Please look forward to it and give us a lot of support. 

Q. What kind of end-game contents are there?
Raids are the highlight of MMORPGs.

Q. Will I be able to see the skill tree?
After CBT, the Skill tree had been renewed to give more freedom and make it more fun. You now get much more freedom with what you do with the Skill points, so please look forward to it. We will continue to work on it post-service. 

Q. Is there an ability to teleport?
You can move around using the Abyss moth and carriages but there are no portals/teleportation like in other games. 

Q. I want to know if the 'mage' class in this game can teleport and if any of the DPS classes has the best speed. (Mage, Archer, Assassin.)
First, in Madworld, jobs will differentiate based on the weapons equipped. You can experience other jobs when you change your weapon. Movement speed is the same between each weapon. 

Q. Are there any plans to let people outside of Asia use age-restricted features like the Auction House, Gore, and such, without going through the age-verification process that they don't have access to?
Excluding the Asia server, Europe and North America servers are not age-restricted. You can use the Auction House (Trading market) and Gore mode without any restrictions. 

Q. Is there a queue system for the Arena that users can join without having to pause gameplay? The standard for most MMOs is that users auto-join the "5v5" mode once enough people are ready. There is no need to continuously check if rooms are open.
There was nothing we’ve been informed of, but it sounds like a good idea. We’ll consider it.

Q. Will lower-level elite monster drop rates noticeably decrease as you level up? I experienced this during the last beta test.  
The amount of experience points you can get differs by your character and the monster’s level. 
This is to prevent high-level users from bullying users from  lower-level areas. 
The amount of experience points you can get from quests is fixed, regardless of level, and experience points from monsters will have a smaller difference gap between levels compared to the field. 
We will work on improving difficulties in getting experience points for certain levels before the launch. 

Q. I know this will be a cross-platform game. I'm worried about the controls on the mobile version. In Madworld, the strategy to target mobs and monsters is to recognize their attack patterns and avoid them using rolls, but would precise and detailed controls like this work on the mobile version?
The mobile version controls are fun, and it could be better than the PC version. Please look forward to it. Our goal is to make it sync a few months after the PC version is released. We will make sure it gets published. 

Q. I have a question about the skill tree from the final test from September 2022. 
I noticed that the distribution of skill nodes didn't really affect the character development and that the skill tree didn't have anything unique. 
I'm sure a lot of work improvements will have been made on this, but I'm curious as to how the skill nodes will have changed in the open beta version.
The Discipline and Skill tree system is going to go through a huge redevelopment after CBT. To give a bit of a spoiler, unlike skill points, another item is going to be added to create unique and various effects and options. To see what changed since CBT, please check it out in Madworld after the launch. 

Q. So far, there are a total of 5 acts on Madworld. I believe Beezlebub or the new monsters we've seen are monsters we will be able to see past Act 5. When Madworld starts open-beta services, how many acts will it be made of?
Please look forward to what character videos like Beezlebub and Lucia’s will come out after Chapter five. I can’t tell you more since it’ll be a spoiler. But to give a small hint, the next two characters play an important role in the overall Madworld story. Please stay alert for updates on details in the game. 

Q. As of right now, how completed is Madworld's highest level?
Currently, it’s level 100 but there could be an update on the level limit after the launch. However, as of now, it looks like an update in the far future. 

Q. So far, the village NPCs had been dubbed, but the main quest and sub quest NPC's dialogue had been in text form. Are there any plans to make the game more immersive by dubbing these areas?
We think that’s a great idea. We’re still in discussion about voice dubbing, and there actually is additional Korean voice dubbings that has to take place. We can’t specify which dialogue it will be, but we will continue to discuss improvements on it. Please look forward to the changes. 

Q. The weapons in Madworld are swords, blunt weapons, bow and arrows, and staffs. The close-range weapons, the sword, blunt weapon, and axe, don’t have any special traits. 
Between single-handed and two-handed weapons, the effects don’t change based on the penalty and skills so it feels a bit boring. 
There only is one best DPS weapon, so every user carries the same weapon. How will the weapons be balanced out in the future?
We focused on the weapon’s default option, skills, and the switching mechanism when it comes to weapon concepts. 
For example, single-handed weapons are fast and require tricky skills, whereas two-handed weapons are slow but have strong damage. 
In addition, even though they are all close-range weapons, depending on which type (sword/ blunt weapon/axe) it is, it is separated into attack-based, skill-based, and critical damage-based. 
So, based on the weapon and weapon switching, you can experience diverse play and we believe this is one of Madworld’s charms. 
However, regarding the weapon effects, we will work on creating more visual entertainment. 

Q. Specifically what role do pets play in Madworld?
Depending on the randomly given skills, the pets’ role is to support the user and of course help in hunts.
Also, based on how it has been obtained, its appearance, effect, and its additional actions may show some differences but we will work on keeping it fair during hunts.
It could be a spoiler, but there are raids and PvP updates in plan where you have to ride something throughout the process so please stay tuned.

Q. The weapons from Madworld are ranked. So far the Abyss-ranked items were the highest ranked and I heard there will be Ancient-ranked items. How will the ancient ranked items be different from the rest? 
First, we want to tell you that the item ranking system will be different from the launch.
We can’t say exactly but it will be separated into 5 different basic item ranks, two different item sets, and high-rank item set ranks. We also made it so that users can’t casually obtain certain rank items in the improvements. 
We expect these special ranked items to have the strongest effect and we’re planning on a form change that takes place when this option is used. The difference between specific item ranks and options can be checked on Madworld.

Q. How will the problem of not having enough inventory be improved?
We thought a lot about the issue of the lack of inventory that a lot of the users pointed out.
We decided that the amplification stones caused a lot of discomfort and would resolve this by renewing how the stones are used.
Of course, increasing bag inventory would be practical but we are planning on suppressing any need to expand bag inventory. 

Q. There is no change in the Madworld character positions for each weapon, how will this be improved in the future?
This is not a game that is played based on weapon type. One of Madworld’s perks is that you can play it without any class restrictions.
You’ll be able to see much better results if you switch weapon 1 with weapon 2 when you play Madworld. 

Q. The Madworld character’s skills are classified into attack and defense. 
But there aren’t enough skill points that apply to this based on the equipment, skill node, and strengthening equipment. 
Will there be improvements made on this so that it that will influence character growth?
We improved character development routes by improving skills, skill trees, discipline, new item options, renewed amplification stones, new change systems, and skill syncs, so you can diversely develop your character.
A lot of the abilities will have been worked on that haven’t been seen in CBT, so please look forward.

Q. There was a party system from the previous test but when will the “Tribe(guild)” system be released?
The Tribe system is in progress. 
They’re being made with closeness, economics, and competitiveness, in mind. Please look forward to seeing guilds that fit right in with the Madworld universe.  

Q. What are Madworld’s final contents? I want to know what is planned.
We plan on providing new areas, new dungeons, and quests following the scenario chapter progressions. 
There will be raids, guild competition/economic features, Phantom training grounds, and Arenas  where you can experience the large events of the universe.
We are also developing systems and content you can enjoy after the end for a long time. Please stay tuned. 

Q. I want to know what DancingBear and Emily Jung’s MBTI is.
Emily’s MBTI is ISTP-A(Virtuoso). Dancing bear is INTP. 

Q. Who decided to make Madworld? Where did the inspiration come from?
That is a very difficult question. The one who decided to make it was Director Yun. 
It’s hard to say what the inspiration was. It wasn’t one specific game. It was ‘Last of Us’ and ‘Witcher 3’ where modern art, film, and the human experience were perfectly expressed with a high level of narrative. 
It was ‘This war of mine’ that expressed the pains and emotions of wars. ‘Skyrim’ and its high-level of user freedom, along with ‘Balder’s gate’, TRPG, and other classics and modern films where inspiration was found. 
In addition, the desire to improve the MMORPG that had been in development came together to create the concept for the current Madworld. And the reason why we used HTML5 was to connect with everyone on a global scale and enjoy the game together. 

Q. When was Jandisoft established?
It was established in 2017, and we have been busily working on developing Madworld.
In 2017, just a bit over 10 people came together to make the game, in 2018 there were 20, in 2019, 30, in 2020, 40, in 2021, 50, and in 2022, 70 people worked together to make the game. 
With your love and support, we’ve been able to progress this far to develop game content. 
In 2023, Madworld will open global services and in order to provide much more content, we will expand our team to over 100 people, and provide raids, new dungeons, and new scenario content. Please continue to support us. 

Q. Can the story quest take you from level 1 to level max?
The Madworld story is very alluring. But unfortunately, you can’t reach the max level just through the story quest. We wish you find joy in leveling up by gaining experience points through completing subquests, daily quests, instance dungeon clears, hunts, and other various contents along with the main story quest.

Q. If the number of surviving people is small, where are the corpses coming from?
Additional explanations are provided in the Madworld audiobook “Dark Encampment”. The corpses of Madworld strangely do not decay even after hundreds of years. Please find out more about it in Madworld. 

Q. Is the Life costume a limited edition that I can only get during the test run like the Abyss costume? During the last test, it said it was a limited edition on the homepage but it also said that I can get it in-game after the Phantom orb materialization so I’m not sure which is right. 
Only the Abyssal Phantom Orb is test-period limited. The Abyssal Phantom Orb was a limited edition for those who participated in the test. Official costumes will be prepared after the launch so please stay excited. 

Q. If Netmarble is the game’s official publisher, why isn’t there a Madworld page or any mention of the game?
It has been decided that Jandisoft will develop and service Madworld by itself. Thanks to this decision, we’ve been able to provide a non-pay-to-win game that blooms a small but beautiful hope in Madworld’s despair and desperation. So please look forward to it.

Q. There aren’t any ads or news about Madworld on MMORPG-specific release sites. Are they going to make the mistake of releasing the open beta to just 6 players or are they just scared to say that the game won’t make next month’s beta?
Marketing is still in progress J We hope that lots will enjoy Madworld. Please give us a lot of anticipation and support. 

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