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Restriction on receiving Mad Pa ss rewards level 100

  • WriterGMmadworld
  • Written Date2023-05-20 19:04
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Greetings. This is Mad World. 

We would like to provide you with information regarding the restrictions on obtaining Mad Pass rewards.

We have identified abnormal acquisition of rewards for specific level ranges when using the Mad Pass premium features.

Therefore, we have restricted the receipt of rewards through a patch.

Furthermore, temporary restrictions have been placed on the two accounts that have been identified to have abused the issue more than 100 times.

After confirming and retrieving the abusive activities, the temporary restrictions will be gradually lifted.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during your gameplay, 

The issue will be addressed and resolved after the regular maintenance on May 25th. Following the update, you will be able to receive the rewards as intended.

Thank you.

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네 언능좀 풀어주세요 문의도안읽으시고 ....언제풀어줍니까 접게생겼어요회수조치하고 풀어주세요좀