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5/25(thu) weekly maintenance

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  • Written Date2023-05-24 21:18
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Greetings. This is Mad World.

A weekly maintenance period is planned to ensure the stability of Mad World's services.

Mad World will go through weekly maintenance at 02:00 A.M. (GMT) every Thursday.

Please check the following for more information, and we hope Mad World won't inconvenience you in the future.

[5/25(thu) weekly maintenance]

1.The maintenance date

- Thu, 25 May 2023 02:00~06:00 [GMT]

2.The maintenance information

- Update of [Den of Sand Robbers(Lv.68)], a combat dungeon

- Update of [Mutants' Assault Zone(Lv.72)], a combat dungeon

- Update of [Temple of Memory (Act 4)(Lv.71)], a Hard dungeon

- Update of [White Knot Cave (Act 5)(Lv.71)], a Hard dungeon

- PVE Area added [Northern Cultivation Area] (Level 56~62)

- PVE Area added [Steadfast Field] (Level 65~70)

- Arena added

- Update of tribe Contribution Level

- Best Equipment Material [Ether] Added

- Sasha’s equipment crafting add(Max Lv.77)

- Chat system improvement

- Gold transfer limited and mail commission fee changed

Add functionality to item rock

- New Contents and Contents Improvement

- Fix on minor issues  

※ Get a sneak peek of the May 18th update [Click] 
The detailed patch notes will be published on the [GM Notes and Updates] board.

3. Target server 

- All server

4. Notice

- This notice will inform you of any changes to the maintenance schedule or contents.

- Maintenance may end early or be extended based on the maintenance situation.

- It is recommended that you close the game completely before performing any maintenance in order to preserve your data.

- The game cannot be accessed or played during maintenance.

- Once the maintenance has been completed, the maintenance completion guide will be notified.

To repay Shadow Child's expectations and support, we will always strive to become Mad World. 

Thank you.

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Comment by ekfrif4880의 댓글

profile_image ekfrif4880 Written Date

필드보스, 강림악마 등장 시간 확인 가능하게 부탁드립니다... 투구 가리기 기능 부탁드립니다...

Comment by rnwlswk의 댓글

profile_image rnwlswk Written Date

강림악마 시간을 정해줘야지 직장인들은 한달걸려도 10번 못잡을듯

Comment by orgfanta의 댓글

profile_image orgfanta Written Date

골드이동제한은 좀 심하다.
쌀먹 어떻게해