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[Notice] Partner Creator Recruitment

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  • Written Date2023-03-17 11:32
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Hello, this is Mad World.

We are looking for creators who want to join us in Mad World.

The creators chosen as our partner creators will win special title and a variety of Mad World merchandise!


[Partner Creator Recruitment Details]

■ Recruitment period: 17th of March (Fri) - 30th of April (Sun) (KST)

■ Requirements

1. Must be at least 18 years old

2. Must be a creator with a livestreaming/YouTube channel

3. Must have at least 100 subscribers

■ Activity requirements (must meet one of the conditions below)

1. Must upload contents related to Mad World once per week

2. Must stream contents related to Mad World for at least 2 hours per week

■ Benefits

1. Exclusive title and costume to be used ingame

2. Welcome gift and official merchandise

3. Support in creating contents for livestreaming

4. Priority in invitation for events related to Mad World

5. Exclusive communication method

[Application Procedures]

Please fill out the form for partner creators, and your application is complete. 

Our gratitude to your continued patience and support.

We hope to meet many prospective partner creators in exploring and making records of the world full of madness.

Thank you.

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