[Patch Note] Alpha 4.0 Regular Maintenance/Patch Note (Ver

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Writer jjaksal Written Date 21-12-20 16:39


Patch Note Ver0.7.0.12


- Removed plantar vine cracks

- Fixed an error where the speech bubble disappeared

- Fixed an issue where adventure log data could not be saved

- Fix the English text string of the bulletin board quest

- Fixed npc English name

- Fixed the phenomenon that the system value was exposed in the description of the abyss skill

- Fixed abnormality of all map nodes in the world map

- Changed to 1/2 HP of Wanderer of the Wasteland in the image in Chapter 1.

- Changed the brain proximal neck disgust board so that it does not track after the first judgment

- Changed the location of the farmer's residence destruction object

- Changed hp of fruit and vegetable breeding crops in farmer's residence

- Changed to 1/2 HP of Wanderer of the Wasteland in the image in Chapter 1.

- Poisonous Hoof Leap/Rush skill damage lowered from 1.6 to 1.4

- Demon deep sea creature stun tentacle stun duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds

- Fix map area sound

- Fixed an issue where the attribute conversion stone could not be disassembled

- 56, 87 server navi file synchronization

- bgm fix

- Sound - Chapter 2 directing resource modification

- Monster speed adjustment for quest spawning

- Fixed gloomy cave quest

- Fix Sat following pc

- Added Cash Shop Crystal Payback text


- Alpha 3.0 event rewards

- Alpha 4.0 event NPC installation

- Alpha 4.0 event item drop

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