where unique and bizarre characters thrive in hand-drawn whimsical settings, is an MMORPG where
humans and demons are in constant conflict with one another in a ruined and desolate world.

Through the detailed designed quests and profound stories, you can enjoy all of the best features of an
MMORPG such as exploring, raising your own player character, PVP combat, collecting resources,
strengthening weapons, and developing guilds.

With our HTML5 based in-house engine, you won’t need to download a separate client program or plug-ins
to enjoy our games. As long as you have a device that can open an internet browser, whether it be your PC
or your mobile device, our “cross-platform” MMORPG allows you to enjoy the game with multiple online
users simultaneously.



  • The Story that takes place in a Desolate World

    A story of hope where people try to once again survive in a desolate and cruel world overruled by demons after the great tragic fall of humanity.

    The profound stories that are told through various quests. The chance to experience and explore a new world through Mad World MMORPG.

  • Unique Art Concepts

    Unique characters with hand drawn designs that thrive in a whimsical settings and background

  • Dynamic Battle Systems/Class Changes

    Active and dynamic battle system that allows you to attack even while moving

    Able to change classes instantaneously when you change out your weapon, allowing one to adapt and play out various combat styles.

  • Flexible Skills/ Potential Development System

    Able to raise and strengthen your skills based on user preference using skill points

    The flexible potential system that allows you to decide how you want to uniquely raise your player character

  • Battling Giant Demon Boss Monsters

    Thrilling co-op/raid battle play against great Demon Lords that rules over this world

  • Platform-free HTML5 Technology

    Able to run this vast game without needing to download separate client programs/plugins

    A “platform-free” game that can run on any platform as long as you have an internet browser