Mad World stays true to classic MMORPGs we've come to love, but experiments with what hasn't been done.  Fight along side your friends to take down formidable enemies, or fight against your friends to test your skills.  Explore the land full of grotesque creatures, loot, farm, mine and more.  It's ok to be mad in this world...


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Mad World has an isometric hand-drawn style that leaves a long-lasting impression on you, whose inspirations don't just come from games, but from non-game elements like contemporary art, books, real-life people and more.


Inspired by Cthulhu Mythos among many others, monsters are unique, twisted, weird and cool, and bosses are epic, grotesque and mad.


Focusing more on Multi-player than Solo play, the more players there are, the more fun it gets, with much community content available. PVE and PVP are an important part of the game.


Written in HTML5, you can launch the game with a click of a link.  There is no need for downloading the client or any plug-ins.  Playable on almost all platforms witha browser, Mad World supports cross-platform play.  Our goal is to build a new type of MMORPG, taking full advantage of the HTML5.



In a post-apocalyptic world infested with dark souls,

a few brave men dare to dream of escaping from the grim reality.


No one remembers the past.

A mysterious event leads the world into complete annihilation.

Thousand years pass.

The world stands upon a new era.


In this world of absolute chaos,

hope and despair lay at the crossroad.


People call this world the "Mad World"

Developer:  Jandisoft

Target Release:  TBA

Genre:  MMORPG

Platform:  platforms with browser

Engine:  Jandi Engine based on WebGL, Pixi

Press Contact:

Social:  Homepage / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / Discord




  • Multi / Cross-platform MMORPG

  • Classic MMORPG Elements

  • Unique Hand-drawn Art style with Stylish Animation

  • PVP Battle Arena Modes

  • Grotesque Creatures

  • Classless Weapon-based Combat System

  • Giant Boss Raid


No genetic NPCs with obvious storylines. Every NPC has an emotional, heart-moving, sometimes shocking stories blended into quests / setting / music and art, that are not just fantasy but stories that can happen in the world we are living in.

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