• Song Title: Who is she?

    Dramatic piano melody is meant to convey the emptiness and the void.
    The turning point punctuated by strong drum beats represents a strong will to move forward.

  • Song Title: Mémoriser

    This song places gloomy and calm melody on top of bouncy rhythm,
    depicting a grim fairy tail that has dark, mysterious undertone attached to its bright facade.

  • Song Title: Mystere

    This song expresses vocal and harp sounds reverberating beautifully through cave wall and spreading.
    This song was created through composer's imagination of a mysterious and beautiful cave.

  • Song Title: The Belphego

    Magnificent battle scene is conveyed through brass instruments, choir, and heavy drum beats.
    This song was made to reveal the grandeur and power of a huge boss.

  • Song Title: Sandstorm

    The loneliness in desert was conveyed through low-pitched cello and somber guitar riff.
    Towards the end, cello notes get even lower, meant to add to the lonely ambiance.

  • Song Title: Psychopath

    Piano and strings form dissonance in this song,
    which expresses the complex inner mind of a character and the surrounding chaos.