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  • [Adventure/Content]​

    - Fixed Giant Demon Parasite Enemy Selection AI
    - Fixed placement issue with dark camp guard draw order issue
    - Quest Corpse Collector AI Fix
    - Fixed old shelter boss movement range
    - Fixed the old treatment plant boss battle field of view
    - Add sound to pc level up effect
    - Fixed gold prize box icon
    - Additional deployment of crime zone patrol security forces and increased security forces capabilities​

  • [Game System]​

    - Added player interaction button function guide (Ctrl+L Click)
    - Reinforcement of recognition when outputting notice messages.
    - Enhanced convenience so that if you select a mushroom that is not engraved, it will be engraved, and if you click a mushroom that is not engraved, a menu will appear.​

  • [balance]​

    - Quest Corpse Collector HP changed from 13000->17000.​

  • [Bug Fix]​

    - Fixed old shelter boss movement range
    - Fix female pc face resource
    - Updated male pc fix missing version
    - Fix pc face alpha value
    - Fix pc body alpha value
    - Bag expansion item price correction
    - Fixed spore item stacking
    - Fixed amplification stone disassembly item error​

Alpha Test 3.0 Update Summary​

  • [Adventure/Content]​

    1. [Chapter 1] Binding Predator Dungeon Improvements​

    - Adjusting the composition and quantity of monsters in the dungeon​

    2. [Chapter 1] Renewal of the Battle of “Aragonion“​

    - Strengthen the tension and fun of battle by deleting existing boring skills and adding patterns and gimmicks​

    3. [Chapter 1] Quest “Corpse Collector“ Battle Renewal​

    - Added fun of attacking by deleting existing surrounding monster summoning patterns and adding attack gimmicks.​

    - Improvement of the overall skill form in the form of tracking, strengthening of tension​

    4. Elite Monster Improvements​

    - Improvement of key core skills and attack patterns of elite monsters, addition of random skills for enhanced elites, and improved appearance​

    5. World improvement​

    - Strengthen the element of map exploration by strengthening the effect of the map interaction object and enhancing the effect​

    - Changed the content map of “Redstone Box“ and Changed the content opening time faster.​

    - The number of basic acquired skills has been increased from 1 to 3, and the skill acquisition for each chapter has been modified so that overall skills can be learned quickly.​

    6. Item random grant property improvement/item redesign​

    - Enhancement of stats for high-grade items and increase the probability of granting advanced options​

    - Named item redesign and application.​

    7. Battle zone content test open​

    - Open the corresponding content test so that you can enter a specific level​

  • [Quest/Tutorial]​

    1. [Prologue] Improvement of movement and content​

    - Improve the initial flow by reducing boring sections and adding active events​

    2. Chapter 1 Progress improvement in the early stages​

    - Corrected and shortened the route for event occurrence and breakfast learning quest when entering the village at the beginning.​

    - addition of probability according to quest route and story modification.​

    3. Improved quest rendering and added emote​

    - Fixed full scene directing in quests and Added NPC expressions for each situation.​

    4. Various tutorial improvements and additions​

    - Main system tutorial Main quest, location correction and abyssal moth/skill source stone tutorial Added​

    - Separated into two battle tutorials and applied to the game to be output step by step.​

    - Improvements and in-depth work on tutorial contents that require other modifications​

    5. Scheduled to open until chapter 5​

  • [Game System]​

    1. Improved controls​

    - Added operation presets for “Mouse/Mouse Attack” and “Keyboard (ASD) Movement, Mouse Attack”​

    - When selecting an attack, a continuous attack function while moving within a specified distance and a function to immediately activate the skill on the target have been added.​

    - Automatic target range enhancement when performing an attack action and basic action added when there is no target​

    2. Improved basic attack hit feeling​

    - Improving the feeling of hitting by Improving the monster hit effect and damage font rendering.​

    - Applied melee/ranged basic attack combo action​

    - Strengthen the sense of action by applying 5 types of attack animations for each attack type​

    3. Quest UI/UX and function improvements​

    - Enhanced ring guide accuracy and normal operability according to quest tracking active status​

    - Added start and end direction for each quest stage progress, improved tracking window configuration, and improved quest reward system.​

    4. Skill improvement​

    - Deleted the skill reset and reset items for each skill training level and Changed the function to reset using cost​

    - UX Improvement by unifying the skill acquisition window and skill management window.​

    - composition of a common skill group for each hand​

    5. Potential renewal​

    - improved operation UI/UX, Deleted initialization items, and Changed functions to initialization using cost​

    - Renewal so that it can grow rationally by adding categories and composing full potential​

    6. Improvement of companion animal UI/UX and management functions​

    - Added convenience of use to the companion animal management menu and modified the companion animal to prevent it from escaping by increasing the speed​

    7. Added Curse of Greed and Madness Points​

    - Added a notification function to Yujo by adding a warning notification pop-up when the curse of greed occurs.​

    - modified to become an attack target by the field security forces at a certain stage to accumulate madness points during reckless PK.​

    8. Store UI/UX improvements​

    - redesign of the entire store UI and improved product detail pop-up function​

  • [etc]​

    1. Apply system stabilization work. (fix connection error)​

    2. Memory optimization work.​

    3. Many other bug fixes.​