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[Notice] Regarding attacks on and theft of homepage accounts

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  • Written Date2023-05-14 22:02
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Greetings. This is a Mad World.

It was recently detected that an attempt was being made to access a homepage member's account through a specific country or bypass IP address, and the related IP address has been blocked and a pattern has been analyzed to prevent a similar attack in the future.

The majority of attacks have been confirmed against the accounts of members of the Mad World homepage.

The password you are currently using is likely to be compromised if it is simple (consecutive short numbers, alphabets etc.). It is recommended that you change your password to a stronger one that contains at least 8 letters and numbers plus special characters and English uppercase and lowercase letters.

Additionally, if there is damage in the game such as gems being removed, gold being moved, or crystals being used that you did not conduct, you should immediately change your strong password and submit a damage report using the [Report damage from account theft] type in the customer center.

(To report damages caused by account hijacking, please provide details such as the date and time you confirmed the damage, and the amount of damage.)

In cases of account hijacking damage reports, it is essential to verify the game usage history. We ask for your understanding that it may be difficult to provide assistance through other channels.

(As a result of the delay in responding to enquiries regarding account hijacking and measures to restrict use, we would appreciate your understanding that we are notifying you through a notice.)

The Mad World team is also preparing a secondary authentication function so that shadow children can protect their account information directly.

The related features will be made available in a later notice, and we will work as quickly as possible to ensure Shadow Children's accounts are protected and they can continue to enjoy Mad World in a safe and fun environment.

Thank you.

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수고가 많습니다.

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Im glad you acknowledged the fact accounts are getting hacked but still haven't goten a response on my ticket and its been over 2 weeks. Please help thank you.

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털린지 일주일째 아직 복구도 없고 답변도 없는데 뭐하자는거냐

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My account hacked, and i  create ticket, wait over 2 weeks, no answer....